"against the clock" - in a hurry to do something before a particular time


You are working against the clock when you are trying to finish your work within a limited amount of time.

e.g. "We worked against the clock all day to get that report done by five." 我們拼命趕在五點以前完成報告。

You often compare the time on the clock against how much work you have left to do when you are working against the clock.

e.g. "We have to finish this report by 8 o'clock tonight, so we're really working against the clock."時間緊迫,我們得在今晚八點以前完成報告。

The passing of time ("the clock") works against you when you are working against the clock.

e.g. "David, will you have time to help me with my proposal today?" Reply: "Sorry, I won't. I'll be working against the clock to finish my presentation. 大衛,你有空幫我弄計劃案嗎?對不起,我趕時間做我的簡報呢!

試試看自己是不是會用Against the clock這個成語了:

  1. 他為什麼這樣拼命工作? (請講成英文)
  2. 'Time-keeping, flexibility and ability to work against the clock' will be some of the criteria by which reporters are judged. (請講成中文)

Mini- Scenario : Company Description介紹公司 
What company do you work for? / Which company are you with?  / Who do you represent?

    • I work for ABC Company.
    • I'm with ABC.
    • I represent (the) XYZ (company).

   What is the name of your company? /Where are you located?

  • The name of our company is . . . .
  • Our company is located in . . . .
  • Our headquarters is in . . .

What (type of business) do you do? / What business are you in?

  • We are in the computer business.
  • We're in computers
  • We sell . . .
  • We produce . . .
  • We manufacture . . .
  • Our major products are . . .

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