blue chip--原意是藍色籌碼,在牌局中藍色籌碼價值較高,用在股市上,引申為績優股.

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"JPMorganChase expects to have 40 research analysts there by June. Deloitt (ph), 1,000 employees in India as well, Hewlett-Packard 5,000, Oracle. I mean, these are blue-chip companies. These are some of the best companies in the U.S. in terms of what the future economy is going to be built on."


CNN 原文

"Many economists fear that this country of 140 million people may be forced to default on its $800 million debt payment due at the end of June."

public offering--公開發行,也可以叫公開募集,一般的公開發行對象包括一般投資人(或散戶individual investors)和機構投資人(即法人institutional investor),我們常聽到的IPO就是initial public offering,首次公開發行;與公開發行相對的是私人募集

文是private placement.

"It started with Netscape; its Web browser inspired a generation of companies and its initial public offering in August of 1995 inspired a generation of investors to bet on the Internet as a transforming technology and an engine of wealth creation on par with the railroads, electricity and the automobile. "


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