Life cycle email marketing

Lifecycle email marketing is highly personalized and
targeted to the audience, and includes both custom content
and segmentation.
–Loyalty benefits/offers
–Informational updates
–Post purchase triggers
–Welcome message
–Win back campaign

Getting Started - Planning

Determine your primary objectives
– Revenue generation
– Lead generation
– Loyalty
– Awareness
• Determine the level of segmentation and
customization is possible for you and
appealing to your subscribers
– Surveys, feedback & subscriber preferences
– Technology, Sending Platform, Data integration
– Content creation, Testing

Measuring Success
• Critical success factors
– Must be tied to business goals and objectives
– Email can be measured by:
• List size and growth rate
• Response:
– Opens, Clicks
– Conversions (e.g.: purchase, download, page views)
– Subscriber level vs. campaign level
• Pass alongs (forward to a friend)
• List responsiveness over time
• Inbox deliverability (vs. junk or missing)
• Unsubscribe rate
• ROI (revenue / cost)


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